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Top 5 things site planners & project managers want to see on your website

Did you know that only 25% of the companies or site selectors plan to contact the EDO’s during the screening process? You will never even get to talk to 75% of the companies during the screening stage. Only 41% will contact you following the development of the short list.
So... what do site planners & project managers want to see on your website?

2017 Survey Says
  1. Sites & Buildings is the most important
  2. Maps
  3. Transportation and logistics
  4. Demographics
  5. Quality of life
    (this becomes #1 when the choice is narrowed down to the top two)
Info on useful features of EDO's website by 365 Degree Total Marketing
Note: With our NEW tracking software, we can identify contact information of key companies visiting your website without signup. Where should you market to reach site selectors & project planners? According to 2017 Site Selector survey:
  1. Website
  2. Business Cards (surprise!)
    They love business cards with demographics or your photo
  3. Demographics/Leave Behind
  4. Video (include drone of your industrial parks)
Infographic by 365 Degree Total Marketing

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