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Digital Marketing

Apps: For Smart Devices

The 365 Degree Total Marketing team throws away the rules and passionately explores the future, challenging the limits of technology. Backed by award-winning designs and cutting-edge programming, our technology puts innovation in your hands.


Communities and businesses are realizing that off-the-shelf apps just don’t meet the specific needs of their audience as well as a custom app can. A custom app by 365 Degree Total Marketing’s team of designers and programmers can be great for walking, biking, hiking or driving tours of your community, museum exhibits, or streamlined business processes.

Already, clients have commissioned 365 Degree Total Marketing to create apps that showcase North Georgia’s waterfalls, that take visitors on a turn-by-turn tour of a historic district, and that detail the points of interest along a popular bike trail. An app puts your visitor in charge of their own tour, on their own time.

Apps are cost-effective ways to interact with your audience while making things easy for them. And because mobile apps can be updated regularly, you can give your audience the latest information without having to reprint collateral.

With 365 Degree Total Marketing, an app can:

  • Enlarge Your Digital Footprint
  • Offer Custom Design & Functionality
  • Be downloadable for iPhone, Android & Tablets
  • Offer Fast Performance
  • Be Available Offline
  • Include a Planning Tool
  • Have an Accurate GPS Feature
  • Maintain App Store Presence
  • Provide “Push” Notifications
  • Include an Audio Guide / Voice over
  • Showcase 360° Panorama Photos
  • Integrate with Social Media
  • Have Tracking Features
  • Provide Login & User Information System
  • Display Banner Ads
  • Present Video