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About Us

Meet the Team

Our award-winning branding team consists of more than 20 professionals with extensive destination marketing experience.

Yes, it is all about the team. And this is the team to make it happen.

  • Three award-winning writers/editors with journalism degrees
  • Four graphic designers trained in the latest technology
  • Three photographers/videographers with artistic eyes and great attention to detail
  • IT programmers and SEO specialists who keep us on the cutting edge
  • Seven sales executives who are dedicated & driven
  • Four administrators who see to all the details

You just hired 23 professional employees who will make your life easier!


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    Linda Mosely

    Co-founder & CEO

    As the founder and owner of 365 Degree Total Marketing, Linda is the Energizer Bunny of the office. When she’s in the office, Linda not only manages the day to day processes to ensure each project goes smoothly, but she also brainstorms with the staff and interjects creative ideas to make each project “pop and sizzle.” When she’s not in the office, Linda is visiting clients throughout Georgia and the Carolinas.

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    Amy Anderson

    Director of Administration

    Amy has over 20 years of experience in Accounting and I.T. Graduating from Pensacola State College in Business Management with a emphasis in Marketing, she has extensive experience managing staff and deadlines. She ensures that every project goes according to budget and schedule while going above and beyond for all of our clients. Amy is skilled at taking the brand to the next level, incorporating signage, uniforms and logo’d specialty items into long-term client strategies. Off the clock she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, home improvement projects and voluteering. Video

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    Sharee Copeland

    Office Manager & Proofing Coordinator

    Sharee comes to 365 Degree Total Marketing with more than 15 years of experience as an office manager. Her sunny disposition is the first welcome our clients receive either in person or over the phone. As the Office Manager and Proofing Coordinator, Sharee handles customer service from the first phone call to ensuring all advertisements in our guides are proofed to perfection. Video

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    Connie Parker

    Business Manager

    Connie is your go-to team member for accounts receivable, sales reports, scheduling and special projects. She always delivers service with a smile. Connie graduated from Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) with a BA in International Economics and German. She has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. Video

Photography & Videography

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    Michelle Holton

    Photographer, Videographer,
    FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Operator

    Michelle Holton graduated from Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Digital Cinema Arts before moving back to her home state of Georgia and joining the 365 team. Michelle has six years of videography and editing experience as well as experience in writing, producing, and directing several short films. Video

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    Mike Schalk

    Photographer, Videographer

    Mike Schalk is a seasoned and talented photographer. Originally from Coral Springs, Florida, Mike moved to the Georgia coast to complete a BFA in Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. He has traveled the country capturing the vivid and vague differences that define our communities and cultures. Today, he brings that perspective and experience to the 365 team, our projects and our clients. Mike finds solace in a darkroom or behind a 4x5 camera, which has contributed greatly to his skill for and understanding of photography and videography. Video


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    Stephen Hefner

    Creative Director

    Stephen Hefner has 25 years of experience in graphic design and creative direction in publishing and marketing. Prior to joining the 365 team, Stephen earned a degree in graphic design from the University of Georgia and worked for notable media companies including Mercor Media and The Travel Channel. Video

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    Rachel Rowell

    Director of Production

    Rachel Rowell spent most of her life in the North Georgia mountains before moving “south of the gnat line” to join our team at 365 Degree Total Marketing. Bringing with her an MPA from Kennesaw State, a Bachelor’s from Berry, and 12 years of experience in economic development, project management, and budgeting; Rachel is now the Project Director at 365 and ensures that production runs smoothly. Video

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    Bob Swinehart

    Graphic Designer

    Bob comes to 365 Degree Total Marketing with more than 35 years of experience in the print/publishing field. He worked for both commercial printers and magazines in the Atlanta area after attending Indiana University, Bloomington, where he studied commercial art. In 2000, he moved to St. Simons Island to work for The Brunswick News, where he was editor and art director of Coastal Illustrated. Video

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    Daniel Thompson

    Graphic Designer

    Daniel’s graphic design experience is one piece of the puzzle during his time at 365 Degree Total Marketing. Daniel is not only an experienced graphic designer, he is also a photographer, videographer, video editor and our resident map expert. Daniel graduated from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta with an emphasis in art direction, and his experience includes advertising, photography, and graphic design. Video

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    Spence Garcia

    Graphic Designer

    Spence holds a BA in Graphic Design from the IADT School of Design at Sanford-Brown College in Orlando, Florida. With a background in illustration and fine art, Spence starts off most of his designs by hand before working them into a final digital form. At 365, Spence uses his creative talents to develop next-level designs for our clients. Throughout his work history, Spence has cultivated a portfolio of innovative designs which have generated results nationally and internationally in both nonprofit and for-profit settings. In his free time, spence enjoys exploring the Golden Isles with his wife and two sons.


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    Mark Mosely

    Co-founder & Executive Editor

    Since the company’s inception in 1984, Mark has served as its executive editor, co-owner and president. Holding a journalism degree from Mercer University, Mark contributes articles to various client magazines and monitors all other copy and designs produced by the editorial and production teams, taking ultimate responsibility for the editorial integrity of all 365 publications.

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    Teresa Greer

    Managing Editor

    Teresa manages the day-to-day editorial and production process of 365’s publications, including research, writing and editing, and ensures that the editorial and design of each publication complement each other. She holds degrees in journalism and political science, earning her Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University. Her 30-year career includes writing and editing for publications and nonprofit associations. Video

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    Bonnie Hunter

    Editorial & Public Relations Coordinator

    Bonnie graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Creative Writing, which she now uses daily as the Editorial and Public Relations Coordinator at 365 Degree Total Marketing. Along with writing much of the editorial for community magazines and other projects, Bonnie is the project manager for 365’s branding clients, ensuring brand consistency and that project deadlines are met. Bonnie is also the primary video scriptwriter at 365, and manages publicity for clients, creating press releases, newsletters, and email blasts to meet maximum marketing potential. Bonnie is a genius at creating community communications plans. She is passionate about her son, yoga, art and travel. Video

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    Andrew Smith

    Associate Editor

    Andrew has extensive experience as a reporter and columnist, during which he covered sports, education and local features. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Communication & Journalism from Marist College and a master’s degree in Sport Management from Georgia Southern. At 365, Andrew creates inspired editorial content for our community guides, websites and branding and custom publishing projects. Andrew has an undeniable talent and passion for telling the unique stories of the people and places 365 is proud to serve. He is a New York state native and enjoys spending time at the beach with his wife, daughter and dog, Tilly.

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IT & Digital Marketing

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    Thomas Schaefer

    Director of Interactive Technology

    A native of Berlin, Germany, Thomas Schafer moved to St. Simons Island in 2011 and joined the 365 team in 2014 as the Director of Interactive Technology. After earning an MS in Computer Science, Thomas now gets to apply his passion for technology to his daily tasks and is responsible for managing projects, website programming, SEO and hardware and software maintenance. Video

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    Nathan Faulkenberry

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Nate is an experienced Network Engineer and IT Consultant. His background paired with excellent customer service skills and a fervent interest in technological advances makes Nate a wonderful addition to the 365 IT team. Nate loves the outdoors, surfing and taking advantage of living on the beautiful Georgia coast. Video

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    Lauren Tingler

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    As a digital marketing strategist, Lauren works with clients on the best social media, search engine marketing and search engine optimization plans for each organization. Her close attention to detail, passion for results and creative disposition make her an incredible asset to the 365 team. Video


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    Cindy Bailey

    Director of Marketing & Video

    Cindy Bailey started out as a 365 client for many years. With 15 years as a Chamber president, Cindy has won state marketing awards, legislative designations, and grants and fostered continued growth in tourism numbers for both regions. Cindy is a certified Travel Marketing Professional through STS, past President of the Northeast Travel Association, and a past board member of GACVB and GACCE. Video

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    Christy Carter

    Regional Marketing Executive

    Christy Carter is a long-time resident of the Golden Isles with extensive experience in a variety of fields, including chambers of commerce. Christy comes to 365 Degree Total Marketing after two years as executive director of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce in Jesup, Georgia, and four years as director of membership services with the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce. Video

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    Brenda Clark

    Regional Marketing Executive

    Brenda, along with her husband, Ed, moved to North Myrtle Beach where, in her position as Sales and Marketing Director of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce & CVB, she was instrumental in launching their first Visitors Guide. Brenda puts more than 40 years of experience, coupled with her educational background in sales and marketing, to make each project perfect for her clients. Video

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    Christy Craig

    Regional Marketing Executive

    With professional experience in digital media, print, and fulfillment, Christy is a great addition to the 365 team. Christy serves as a regional marketing executive in communities surrounding her home in Norcross, Georgia. Christy enjoys staying active in her spare time, spending time with her husband and two sons, and occasionally hosting international students and teachers who come to visit the U.S. Video

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    Heath Slapikas

    Director of Web Development

    Heath Slapikas has more than 25 years of experience as a leader in marketing. He has led the process of integrating digital media into the print world within multiple organizations. Heath has a strong knowledge of interactive technology and excels in leading the process of website development from concept to completion. In his spare time, Heath loves to spend time outdoors at the beach with family or fishing.

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    Nelson Smith

    Regional Marketing Executive

    Nelson came to 365 Degree Total Marketing equipped with great sales experience from his tenure with the Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce and also Wolf Camera Corporate. He is well-suited for his job with 365, which provides him the opportunity to benefit both his advertising customers as well as his Chamber and CVB clients. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Nelson lives in Cumming, Ga. Video

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    Renee Choate

    Director of Brand Development,
    Project Manager

    Renee has over 25 years of experience as a leader in marketing, public relations and communications. Along with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, her career has involved a multitude of media advertising venues including television, radio, print, outdoor, digital and internet. She has directed and hosted her own television show as well as numerous other television and public events. Her focus is on helping businesses and communities create a brand that will both reach and impact their target audience. She applies her keen sense of ergonomic flow to facilitate the implementation of existing and new brands. Renee enjoys spending time with her family (including her English bulldog Lulu), wonderful art, great music, and the outdoors. Video