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Branding your ideas into something great!

Thomasville Community
Davidson County, NC

  • Challenge

    Thomasville was seeking to bring higher-paying jobs to the area since Thomasville Furniture moved overseas. The community wanted to create a brand that reinforced the furniture-making heritage since knowledge of the history is so widespread, while also attracting a younger culture to the area.

  • Critical Insight

    To create a vibrant economy, Thomasville needs to attract a work age market of 25-45. Before that can happen, the community needs to attract higher paying jobs by capitalizing on its resources including a strategic location and educated workforce.

  • Branding Results

    Thomasville was branded the “Seat of global opportunity.” The brand captures the essence of the furniture-making heritage and the fact that Thomasville’s strategic location and available resources make the community a major player in global economic development. A secondary tagline was developed that serves as a call to action: “Thomasville GO!” The tagline appeals to a younger culture and spurs the brand’s momentum throughout the community, region, state, and nation.

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