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Branding your ideas into something great!

Peach County Community
Peach County, GA

  • Challenge

    Peach County had no identifying brand and held conflicting visions over the area’s future growth. Rural and undeveloped or a metropolis with a vision that consisted of global commerce opportunities? Six key partners decided to join together to create a unified message.

  • Critical Insight

    Georgia’s population has grown nearly 117 percent in a span of 50 years, which is 50 percent more than the national growth. In an effort to take control of the direction of their growth rather than letting the state’s steady rate of growth decide for them, Peach County developed a unified vision based on their strengths: a central location; regionalization; agriculture; vast transportation network; and memorable county name. .

  • Branding Results

    Peach County’s vision is to attract visitors, businesses, and new residents to the county and to grow at a reasonable rate while keeping their “sweet” laid back Southern quality of life, with friendly neighbors. Utilizing the memorable county name, the tagline was created to reflect that lifestyle: “We grow everything sweeter.”

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