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The Importance of Video
on Social Media

Every good marketer knows that video is king in today’s digital world. With the rise of Tik Tok and IG Reels, video content is changing the way that consumers view content and the way that marketers develop their strategies. With the evolving digital landscape and algorithm upgrades, the world of video can become confusing very quickly.

Facebook Algorithm: Explained

The Facebook algorithm is continuing to diversify as the digital world explores new forms of social media content. There are four steps that the algorithm goes through when deciding what content to show each user.

  • Step 1: Inventory
    • Inventory refers to the set of posts that are being shared by the consumer’s friends and the pages that they follow.
  • Step 2: Signals
    • There are hundreds of thousands of signals that the algorithm takes into consideration when showing content to consumers. A few of these signals include who posted the content, when the content was posted, what time of day it is, etc.
  • Step 3: Predictions
    • Predictions refer to how likely the algorithm believes you are to engage with the post. Predictions that are made include: likeliness to comment, spend time reading the story, watch a video to completion, etc.
  • Step 4: Score
    • The score combines signals and develops a relevancy score. This includes the likelihood to click, spend time with the post, like, comment, share, find it low-quality, etc.

Understanding how the algorithm works can give vital insight to the importance of making content that is relevant and informative to your consumers. With engaging content, and posting at the right time, the content you post will be displayed to the consumers who will find it the most relevant.

Reel in Consumer Attention

Grab the attention of the consumer as quickly as possible. With the attention span of a viewer averaging around eight seconds, you should consider putting the brand and the intent of the video within the first few seconds to grab the consumer’s attention. Eliciting emotion, highlighting statistical information or a new product, and catchy copy are a few ways to grab the attention quickly. Once you have the consumer’s attention, you are not out of the woods yet; your content must keep the consumer engaged.

Short-form Video > Long-form Video

According to Sprout Social Data, 66% of internet users say that short-form video is the most engaging type of social media content. These bite-size pieces give the consumer engaging content, as consumers are 2.5x more engaged with short-form videos than long-form videos. Give the consumer long enough content to keep them watching but short enough to have them coming back for more.

Authenticity is Key

Video has shown to hold attention 5x more than static posts; however, your video must be engaging to hold that attention. With the influx of content from numerous channels across platforms, making authentic content is key. Consumers want to feel like they know you and want the real story behind your brand. Social media also acts as an escape from reality. Give in-the-moment experiences to display what you are selling and to give a fully immersed experience to the consumer. Retention of the information also increases with videos, with 95% retention compared to 10% retention of just reading text. Using video with authentic content will draw in your ideal consumer and they will not forget it!

Revisit Strategies Used for Optimal Engagement

After running your ads or posts for a few months, look over the content you have posted. What is performing the best and why? Continually research the latest trends, ask for consumer feedback, and A/B test the latest content in your repertoire to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign.