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Site Selection: Share Your Community Assets for Business Relocation ̶ Before Financial Incentives

Businesses will go, and grow, in a community where employees desire to live. The goal of site selection is simple: choose the best location to do business.

At 365° Total Marketing, we assist Economic Development Authorities nationwide through research and marketing to promote and attract businesses to the communities where they will thrive. We help you reach the right businesses, through the right messaging, at the right time.

How much weight should you give to offering a financial incentive for business relocation? Financial incentives can play a role, but the more cost-effective effort to attract new firms into your community is to promote your community for its attributes. Long term, the payoff is much greater.

Here’s how to set the “bar" for a "gain" (Bargain!) by effectively marketing your non-financial incentives to draw site selectors and industry to your community:

Top 10 Non-Financial Incentives for Site Selection

  1. Data
  2. Available buildings/sites listings
  3. Detailed information on certified sites, available sites, and buildings
  4. Introductions to community leaders
  5. Permitting guidance
  6. Logistics assistance
  7. Assistance with regulatory issues
  8. Labor market analysis
  9. Inventory of educational programs
  10. Peer-to-peer employer experience interviews that allow prospects to speak with other community businesses

Contact us today at 365° Total Marketing to discuss your project from Concept to Completion. We have specialized in destination statistics and marketing for more than 35 years. 365° believes in marketing that moves.

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