Taking Adventure Lodge's Beyond Full Circle Marketing

Key Challenges

Coral Hospitality manages five Georgia State Parks, including Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge and Unicoi State Park and Lodge. Both properties were perceived as ordinary state parks and day-trip locales rather than unforgettable vacation destinations. Coral Hospitality wanted to increase profitability at both parks and lodges.

Critical Insight

Although both Amicalola Falls and Unicoi State Parks and Lodges were undergoing major renovations in the lodges and were in the process of providing new attractions including archery, fly-fishing, kayaking, zip lining, and more, this was not enough on its own to increase profitability. In order to reach millennials, who spend approximately $200 billion a year on travel, the state parks needed to package an experience for the public much like a cruise line packages an entire vacation for its boarders. In an effort to create, package, and hand-deliver unique experiences to the newer generations, a vacation destination was born.

Actual Brand Identity/Positioning Statement

Both parks are now known as the “Adventure Lodges of Georgia,” places where families, corporate groups, and daredevils alike join to discover extraordinary parks and excitement. We developed the tagline “More than your ordinary state park,” to evoke the idea that the parks are no longer simply trails and mountainous scenery meant to occupy a few hours, but are now thrilling vacation destinations with facilities that cater to the outdoorsmen, the lounger, the adventurer and everyone in between. Since, the logo and tagline for the Adventure Lodges of Georgia have been placed on print campaigns, brochures, posters, table-top displays, and much more.